1. Bossman

From the recording Bossman

<p>A statement about "the working condition"...being heard,appreciated and validated by the one who signs our paycheck...caring and making a difference......until we're mad as hell and can't take it anymore!</p>


<p>I'm goin down to the boss to talk with him one more time I'm gonna tell him whats wrong here and hope he listens this time Foreman says "dont waste your breath boy less you wanna stand in th unemployment line Mr Bossman wont you stand in my shoes Try them on 'cause you got nothin to lose If only you could see the things that I do You'd change your ways and have some better things to do Now I'm standin in that line And I aint got no shoes The bossman he kissed me goodbye... and the foreman thanked him for the news. Now I'm prayin for some problems so I can sing these working man's blues</p>